February 2012

The Wonder of Food Not Bombs


Food Not Bombs is an important peaceful group that essentially consists of several independent collectives that all serve vegan food to others; oftentimes its members feed needy and homeless people. In doing so, they practice a peaceful form of helping others and simultaneously standing against violence and the oppression of animals as well. It is also the name adopted of a sort of movement of sharing vegan food and protesting war, violence, and poverty at the same time.
One of the ideas behind Food Not Bombs is that there is, and should be, a disgust at the fact that hunger is allowed to exist within such abundance. It is driven entirely by volunteers, not a paid staff like more traditional non-profit organizations utilize. 
While there are many different variations within the groups that are scattered throughout the country, some things are always implemented as part of the ideals behind Food Not Bombs. First of all, no meat is ever used; the food is always vegan or vegetarian. It’s usually completely vegan in that no animal by-products are used to create the meals. With the horror of the abuse and violence committed against farm animals, vegan cuisine is becoming more popular throughout the world, and there are thousands upon thousands of vegan dishes that volunteers can create.

Peace and Pacifism

Peace is the state of mutual harmony among people, groups, or countries. It can also be a state of mind that inspires our actions of pacifism. Peace and pacifism, in fact, go hand in hand. Pacifism is essentially the opposition to violence and war to resolve problems, to settle conflicts, or to gain powers; it’s really the opposition of violence altogether, in my opinion, but many definitions of pacifism reflect many different views and uses of the term. Most agree that it is the belief in non-violence.
“Pacifism” as a word took on popularity after the Universal Peace Congress was held for the tenth time in 1901. However, the word “pacifism” originates with Émile Arnaud, a French activist for peace who lived from 1864 to 1921. The ideas behind both peace and pacifism have been held by people for many centuries before the terms were coined.