October 2011

The Peace Arch - A Symbol Of Peace Between the Canada and the US

The Peace Arch is a beautiful 67 foot tall monument that straddles the border of Canada and the United States, half in each country. The flags of both countries wave proudly from the top of the monument and you can walk through the arch. The arch itself is designed to be a symbol of enduring peace between the two countries and the park surrounding it is the center of festivals devoted to peace and international understanding.


Half of the peace arch is located in Surrey Canada and the other half in Blaine Washington which are both beautiful peaceful communities in their own right. The park on the Canadian side is called the Peace Arch Provincial Park and on the United States side it is called the Peace Arch State Park but really the way they come together they are like one big continuous park and people can walk between them.

Conflict Minerals Bill Passes in California!

Many people don’t know that conflict minerals—the types of minerals that fund genocide and civil war within countries like Congo and Sudan, and are usually produced from slave labor—are in most of our electronics. If they knew, would they stop buying such electronics? I doubt it, but it’s still important for everyone to know about. Now, if they outlawed making these products with the minerals, we’d be onto something…