September 2011

Lady Gaga's Mission is to Outlaw Bullying

Lady Gaga has rapidly become one of my heroes. From someone who was mildly amusing (hey, I like her music) to mildly annoying (a meat outfit, really?) for a while, she has become a force to be reckoned with. I sometimes wonder if it’s because she’s just that awesome and want to use her power for good—or because of all of the hate thrown her way in the form of people questioning her sexual identity. Whatever the reason, I am glad she is here, and I am glad she is speaking out and advocating for people to be proud of who they are, since we were all “born this way.”

She’s been an anti-bullying advocate for quite some time, but this week, after another tragic suicide resulting from bullying (there are so many now that we say “another” and barely blink, which is just wrong), she’s decided to meet with the president and argue that bullying should be outlawed and made into a hate crime.