July 2011

Let’s Arm All the Drunkards!

I never would have believed this law if I hadn’t read about it. Apparently there is a new law that allows people in this area to carry concealed weapons into bars. Exactly what was the point of this law? To let people get drunk and shoot each other without at least a small piece of protection there in a “No Weapons” sign for the other patrons? To dwindle the population down a bit without just openly blowing people away gangster style? I guess the war isn’t doing that enough as many people might like; I’ve heard people even complaining that these two wars aren’t cutting down the population growth like World War II did—I’m talking about people with clear disappointment in their voices—and as sick as it sounds, I guess it’s an easy way for them to support population control without, you know, supporting something as just and necessary as, say, family planning.