June 2011

Rape is Not Natural

Dilbert creator Scott Adams is well known for his misogynistic views, so his complete disdain for women is no surprise. His latest comments about how men are such victims of our societal rules and ethics, however, are especially disturbing.

Adams says that despicable acts that men commit, such as rape, are results of their natural instincts—and can they help it, he muses, that they are born men into a world that just, by golly, won’t let them do what they want to do and rape people? This makes me wonder how many people Adams has considered raping in his lifetime.

Demi & Ashton: Real Men Don’t Buy Little Girls

As an avid activist against human trafficking and sexual slavery, I am all for any campaign that exists to raise awareness about these issues and get people to stand up and fight them. I’ve run a few of these campaigns myself, such as the “Give Human Trafficking the Red Light” Campaign at YouthNoise, where we had different actions for people to take against the practice every day.