March 2011

CNN Freedom Project: Big Steps Toward Ending Human Slavery

Over the past few months, I have been surprised and pleased—so very, very pleased—to witness the widespread awareness about human trafficking. My own hometown high school, which is about as aware of global issues as shoe polish, recently held a fundraiser to help stop human sex trafficking, and if they are aware, then you know it’s spreading like wildfire. Human trafficking has been one of the biggest causes in my life since I became aware of it early in adulthood and all I’ve ever wanted is for everyone, everywhere to know what it is and to stand against it from happening. That just might happen, as CNN has even jumped on board the anti-human trafficking campaign.

Chasing Ghosts on the Train

Maybe, by chance, I’d get to see old man Al again.  It’s been a year and change since the last time I jumped on the train, but the rails are his home, so you never know.  I boarded Amtrak train 6, the California Zephyr, in Emeryville, California, en route to Denver, Colorado.  It’s a 32 hour jaunt through some of the most pristine areas of the West.  I grabbed seat 53, as I had done the year before and what we agreed to, got my area settled, and waited.

Will there ever be “World Peace?”

I really do hope and pray that one of these days there will be….world peace. Don’t you want that too? Honestly, with the raging, chaotic war still occurring with Iraq, it just does not make any sense to even waste the American’s tax-dollars, be in debt, and still keep sending off our soldiers to a war-torn country. Really…is that the best we can do for our nation? I am sure if our “founding fathers” were living today, they would very disappointed with what was going on in our country.

Confederate Flags are Not “History,” They Are Signs of Racism

A recent study has confirmed what I’ve known since high school—the confederate flag mentally encourages racism in people. A group of white college students who were shown the flag had an increase in displays of racist attitudes, as well as a less supportive attitude toward then-presidential candidate Barack Obama. And why wouldn’t it, since it’s been used in every organization from the Ku Klux Klan to the Aryan Nation, and it completely symbolizes a time when people not only sold, bought, used, raped, and killed other people as slaves in this country, but then fought an entire war over trying to keep their “right” to do that?