September 2010

Celebrate Peace Day

Many people call me naïve when I say that world peace is possible. (Others are a bit more direct, calling me a granola-crunching hippie.) But I’ll maintain my view on this one until I die: humans are more than capable of creating world peace. We’ve done a lot to curtail violence in many areas of the world, and though yes, we continue to perpetuate it in so many others, we’ll always have the capability to stop it.

The only question is, will we use it?

Get Involved in Hunger Action Month

September is Hunger Action Month, and though we all could do well to take some time out of every month to combat hunger and help our poverty-stricken neighbors, this month marks a special time during which there are plenty of actions to take, ways to get involved, and ideas on how to eradicate hunger on earth. Each day throughout the month, a new idea will be highlighted.

For example, today’s idea is to cook a meal with your child. The object of this activity it to discuss healthy cooking and nutrition with your child, explaining how important good nutrition is in life—as well as how some people aren’t as lucky as we are and are unable to attain such good nutrition.

Register for Mix It Up Day on November 9

If there’s anything that the recent controversy surrounding a simple Muslim community center and the violence fanned by a church book burning, it’s that intolerance and hatred are as alive and well in America today as they were immediately following 9/11—if not more so. Have we learned nothing since then? Do the dozens of Muslim families who also lost loved ones that day—about sixty people who died at Ground Zero that day were, in fact, Muslims—not deserve to grieve, to have a place of solace to retreat to, as well? Rather than fight hate with love—as so many of the religious leaders that people claim to follow advise—so many Americans continue to spread hate, ignorance, and violence, which simply widens the breeding ground for more in kind.