June 2010

Fortunate Purposes

Edward Abbey once wrote, "The Earth has fed me for half a century; I owe the Earth a body.  The debt shall be paid."

It is in this quote I don't see an imminent passing, but realize how great the world is and all that it is.  Many have speculated that a person, right before their last breath, sees visions of parts of their life before they pass on.  It is those moments of madness that make living that much more special.

10 Reasons Why Women Won’t Leave Jerks, Part III

3. You think he’s not “really” abusing you.

Many women believe that what is happening to them isn’t abuse because they aren’t being punched in the face. In reality, abuse constitutes as so much more. Jealousy and possessiveness, for example, are one of the most common signs of abuse. Others include controlling behavior, a sense of superiority to you, extreme mood swings, manipulating you, punishing you, not having his actions match his words, abusing past women or animals, and being unwilling to seek help for his own actions.

2. You think he needs you.

10 Reasons Why Women Won’t Leave Jerks, Part II

7. You think this is a normal relationship.

This actually touches back on reason #10. People who grow up witnessing abusive relationships between parents, caregivers, relatives, and anyone else in their lives as children—or who’ve only experienced such kinds of relationships overall in their lives—believe that this is a normal way for two grown adults to behave.

It is not. Real, loving relationships are based on mutual respect; people who love each other do not purposely hurt one another like this.

6. You are scared of him.

10 Reasons Why Women Won’t Leave Jerks

You’ve seen it before. You may have even experienced it yourself. A friend or other loved one is in a relationship with a real piece of work. This is a guy who constantly disrespects her, treats her badly, calls her horrible things, and maybe even physically abuses her. She makes excuses for him when he wants to control everything she does, insults her in front of her friends, or leaves marks that makeup cannot conceal.

You try to get her to leave him with everything you have in you. You care about her so much that you wish you could just pluck up the jerk and put him in another country so she won’t even be tempted to be with him. But you can’t change her (just like she can’t change him—but more about that later.) She has to want to change herself.

Breakthrough Institute Hosts Bell Bajao! Campaign

Ring the bell.

That’s all the Breakthrough Institute is asking people to do to stand up against domestic violence. The Institute’s Bell Bajao! (Ring the Bell!) Campaign was inspired by a real retired bank clerk who overheard a couple fighting and simply rang the doorbell to intervene. At the Institute’s website, you can watch the videos made to highlight the importance of simply stopping domestic violence as it occurs. (Trigger warning—there is violent, disturbing dialogue, though no physical violence is visually portrayed.)

Time to Take a Step Back

The fast-paced nature of this world is getting out of control.  It is getting ridiculous.  Many are in such a hurry to get somewhere, and sometimes nowhere, so fast, that it beyond perplexes me.  When I can, I take the trip from Lakewood, Colorado to Boulder to help out an incredible farmer.  The drive is about an hour up heavily trafficked Wadsworth Boulevard.  A stoplight halts progress at almost every block, but it’s the observations that cause a shake of the head.