May 2010

Being Knocked Out is Not Something to Brag About

I keep seeing these really stupid Facebook groups in my friends’ feeds these days. Some make me smile, some make me want to vomit, and some are just plain monstrous. One of the ones I’ve been seeing fairly regularly is “When I was your age, parents spanked their kids and not gave them time-outs.” Not only did this spanking apparently affect your ability to use proper grammar, people who join this group—it also mutilated your view on how to discipline children.

Be Kind to Animals Week

This week is National Be Kind to Animals Week. Ideally, we would be kind to animals each and every day. Remember what Gandhi said about the greatness of a nation being determined by how well it treats its animals? How about all of those Law & Order episodes where they talk about serial killers being animal abusers when they were young? Both of these concepts have merit, though hopefully people would like to be kind to animals out of love and respect for fellow sentient creatures rather than out of guilt or paranoia.

To celebrate National Be Kind to Animals Week and to implement a little animal love and care into your life and that of your family, here are some ideas to put to use. Feel free to use these or to add your own.