March 2010

March is American Red Cross Month

If you’re not first aid or CPR certified, haven’t volunteered in a while, or simply want to learn more about making a difference, March is the perfect time to do so. It’s American Red Cross Month, a time to both honor Red Cross workers and perhaps even become one yourself.

Having attended American Red Cross camp as a teen and worked with the organization to help educate youth on first aid, CPR, and AIDS, I can attest to how wonderful the organization really is. A friend whose grandmother worked at our local chapter got me in, so I never really even had to do much work to apply; but it’s very easy to do. You can just find your local chapter in the Yellow Pages or via the website, and then go from there. (In fact, as a feature of American Red Cross Month, the site has a very easy sign-up form available for filling out as soon as you click on the link.)