December 2009

DNA Now Faulty Evidence

When I was watching an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit the other day, I was shocked when a suspect was able to pay a scientist to fake a detective’s DNA in order to frame her in a crime she did not commit. Dude, I thought, good thing this is fiction! Then it hit me: Law and Order shows typically base their stories on events that have happened in real life—or at least, real science, stories, or other cases.

Let's Change "Christmas" to "World Peace Day"

Not everyone truly celebrates “Christmas.” Sure, we can buy presents, sip spiked eggnog and make snow angels, but if you’re not a Christian, or you’re not celebrating the “Christ” part, you’re not really doing “Christmas” in its entirety, right?

Which, by the way, I’m all okay with. I think it’s great to have a feast-making, gift-giving, warm family holiday without it having to be religious in nature. So instead of having the whole country celebrate a religious holiday, I say we instead devote the day to the whole “peace on earth” concept so many already associate with it. (Yes, I know there are other peace holidays—but none are this mainstream or widely celebrated.)