October 2009

Jury Says OK to Death Penalty Because of Bible

Church and state were recently caught engaged in every lewd, lascivious act possible together in a Texas courtroom. While church noisily lusted after state’s laws and procedures, state indulged church’s wanton advances with an almost paternal affection. The fruit of their unhinged passions? The death of a man and democracy as we know it, Puritan-style.

On November 5, Khristian Oliver, 32, will be killed the way the Bible deems people should be killed—“an eye for an eye.” Of course, Gandhi always said an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, but we’re not quoting the biggest messenger of peace within the past century; no, we’re going old school, or in this case, Old Testament—because that’s so, you know, relevant and everything.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

During National Domestic Violence Month, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, in partnership with Ms. Magazine, sponsors the Remember My Name Project. This project calls for people to remember those lost to domestic violence by providing a list of victim names, including ages and dates of death, for people to see and spend a moment of silence on.

Almost 8,000 names have been added to the project, and sadly, new ones continue to be added daily. To see the list of names, add a name, or to order a memorial poster, click here.

During this month, the Coalition also suggests a number of other activities to partake in. Here are a few of those, plus others, you might want to do to stand in opposition of the violence—and to provide love and hope for the victims.

Freedom From Bullies Week

When we hear about bullies, we normally think about children in schools. Most of us know it’s wrong (and not “boys will be boys” or something to that effect) and teach our children to not bully each other—or at least try to teach them to respect one another. But what about bullying that happens after you’ve gone through all the pomp and circumstance?

It seems that the same parents who keep the “boys will be boys” mentality—of course, they may not be parents at all, as well—may just be the same adults who bully others in the workplace. These are people who push other people around—normally, experts say, due to their own low self-esteem—and expect to simply get away with it.

Now, I know plenty of people out there—especially the guys!—are reluctant to report workplace abuse (and that’s what bullying is), but if you don’t, what do you think is going to happen? It will magically stop happening?