June 2009

My .2% Genetic Difference is Better Than Yours

There is a word the Greeks used that would suffice to define man’s assumptions of superiority, and that word is hubris—an overbearing arrogance that often resulted in punishment from the gods, as Arachne found when she boasted at being better at the loom than the goddess Athena and soon found herself to be a spider.

When humans assert themselves over other humans and claim superiority based on skin, class, race, gender, or other differences, injustice is the result—either in the form of unjust thoughts and assumptions made that trickle into the daily actions of humans like dirty tap water, or in outright violation of human and civil rights, such as owning property, voting, marrying, or even having the simple right to be alive or not be a slave.

The Simple Life: Lessons from Thailand

A lot of people are being forced to live simpler lives out of necessity or need. But the realizations that a simple life can be better than a more complicated life with more money seem to be out of grasp of most Americans. Most Americans seem so eager to teach the rest of the world what we have to offer (which is considerable) that we forget that we have lessons to learn from other cultures less rich than our own.