October 2008

The Art of Peace

I've always believed that art serves as another form of communication, like any other language.  A work of art can produce feelings of anger or pain, or feelings of joy and peace, and anything in between.  Art is a language that speaks directly to the soul.  And so much can be expressed through visual images, as with music and words.  Just like Pablo Picasso's Guernica is a reminder of the horrors of war, art for the promotion of peace can be just as moving, and even healing.  Which is what this world needs right now. I was inspired by these two bloggers recently, when I was pondering the question of how to begin to get people inspired to be peace-conscious.  A Peace of... is a really cool blog where artists can contribute images of their work for an on-going on-line exhibit of art inspired for peace.  So far, the work I've seen, which also includes some poetry, is very thought-provoking and beautiful.  This is worth checking out. Another blog I found is called the

Sarah Palin: Arch-Enemy of Peace

Never have I been so afraid. At the mere mention of Sarah Palin's name I start to panic.   You see, the passion that this woman has ignited in this nation is astronomical in proportion.  From those who whole-heartedly defend and support her to those who oppose her views and her candidacy for Vice Presidency, it is what's fuelling this election.  No matter which way you cut it, there is a lot of hate going on. And that is where I see the biggest problem: Sarah Palin inspires hate. Sarah Palin has single-handedly revived the hate culture of this nation, which even President Bush wasn't able to do, even accidentally, though he was close. The thing is that it's not just her foreign policy we should be worried about in this country, but it's her fundamental beliefs about life.  Being pro-life does not equate to being PRO-LIFE, as in for those who are already alive.  Part of what makes Sarah Palin popular among many Americans is her stance on abortion rights and war.  Both very delicate matters that require more than hair-trigger reactions and sound bites.  These issues demand careful analysis and a deep understanding in order for he