The Need For Equality

The Need For Equality

The video below is the incredible speech, Zach Wahls, gave to the Iowa House of Representatives in opposition to a resoltion that would end civil unions.  It was a courgeous speech, uplifting, and one has to be sure he made both his mothers proud.

It defies logic that in the year 2011 that there is still the gay marriage debate.  If two people love each other and want to spend their lives together, there should be no issue for them to get married and get the rights and privileges that accompany being married.  It shouldn't matter if it's between a man and a man, woman and a woman, or man and woman. 

Our country always boasts of it's freedoms, liberty and rights, but those in the gay and lesbian community are treated as second-class citizens, and when it comes to gay rights our country is way behind.  It's not right, and it's discrimination.

The close-minded thinking of those that oppose gay rights is appalling.  Each one of the Iowa Representatives that voted in favor of the resolution should be ashamed of themselves, as it passed overwhelming with a 62-37 vote.  One can only hope that it'll be voted down in their Senate.

It is also tiring hearing the constant religious opposition.  How is anyone's "sanctity" of their marrige affected if a gay man or lesbian is allowed that same right?  Where is the compassion?  Marriage, currently, is a 50/50 chance that it ends in divorce, which is a failure if one were to give it a letter grade.  That, also, puts the sanctity into question.

The most bothersome is the pull the religious right has with the elected government officials, especially Republicans.  It seems like that if they don't cater to the religious right their doomed politically, and many don't have the courage to stand up to help the gay community.  What ever happened to the separtion of church and state?  Don't those elected officials have an obligation to represent everyone in their district, regardless of the religious faith, and not just those claiming they are Christians?

One can only hope that someday, and someday soon, that Americans will awake from their close-minded states and accept everyone for who they are, regardless of their sexual orientation.  The fight for equality marches on, and one can only applaud the effort of Zach Wahls and others, as they try to make this world a better place.  A world with equal rights, freedoms, peace, rights and liberty for all, and a world where marriage isn't defined as between a man and woman, but rather, as a union of two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together.