Honesty is the Best Policy?

Honesty is the Best Policy?

Millions of people living on this earth may believe that “Honesty is the Best Policy,” but are you one of those individuals that are a bit “hesitant” about your answer? In the past, I have learned through many great, wonderful people including my own parents about…..why “Honesty is the Best Policy.” As a small girl, I was always a bit “skeptical” about this idea of “honesty” and what the “true meaning” was behind it as well. I loved to ask numerous questions when I was a child to my parents because they were so nurturing, understanding, and extremely loving. As a small girl, I was curious about different types of subject matters from my background roots, upbringing, childhood dreams, fantasies, Barbie dolls, Pooh Bear, my parents, and…..practically anything I find interesting and mysterious to my taste. My loving parents would always do their very best to make me the most “happiest” daughter ever. And they did. Not only did they teach me amazing, wonderful things…but important “life lessons” as well….including being “honest” too.

My parents are very smart, intelligent, and beautiful people. They were taught from an early age about “honesty,” and how it could deeply affect your life in so many ways. Life is like a journey. Sometimes I feel like I am walking through my life experiencing different substances of what I have to offer and accept into my own life. Being close to my mid-twenties…I would say I was taught very well by my parents. Not only that, but I am extremely proud of all the great lessons including “Honesty is the Best Policy.”

But I still ponder about that one important question….”Is Honesty really the Best Policy?Who knows? I am sure many people will have a totally different answer and say about this open-ended question. Honestly…I do not even know my own answer to this very serious, open-ended question either. Do you? How would you answer that? What are your views on “Honesty is the Best Policy?”

Realistically, I do not necessarily think that “Honesty is the Best Policy.” That is just my own personal opinion. Many people may disagree with me, but I respect others opinions and views on this subject matter. I honestly believe that people can “lie” their own way out of certain things in life. I mean…can we?

For example, I can be able to discuss certain things to my own parents….but there are some things I cannot discuss with them. Due to this, there are many personal things I do not want to share with my parents. With my own life involving finances or school, I can feel very comfortable chatting with my parents about it. But other things such as my personal love life, sex, or religion for example….that is still on the “back burner.” Even though that may seem like things I should be able to talk to my own parents about….I do not feel ready or comfortable yet. From my own personal life experiences, disclosing more then I should have made me become extremely “hurt” in the end. I’ve learned from past mistakes to open up my mouth about certain things to discuss about…and other things to be “left alone” for now until I am ready to openly discuss them. “Live and Learn” is a statement I’ve heard many times in my lifetime. And I strongly believe this is an honest, true statement.

Lastly, ask yourself this very important question. Do you believe that “Honesty is the Best Policy?” If so, why?