Will there ever be “World Peace?”

I really do hope and pray that one of these days there will be….world peace. Don’t you want that too? Honestly, with the raging, chaotic war still occurring with Iraq, it just does not make any sense to even waste the American’s tax-dollars, be in debt, and still keep sending off our soldiers to a war-torn country. Really…is that the best we can do for our nation? I am sure if our “founding fathers” were living today, they would very disappointed with what was going on in our country.

We live in this country. We should ALL treat our country with much respect, LOVE, dignity, and gratitude. Why go all crazy with explosive attacks of wars on an innocent country? Please. For thousands of years, the whole entire world has been in long years….and I mean YEARS of long battles and wars with one another. I mean…what is so important for other countries to declare war on each other? And possibly never ever get to a final, peaceful solution? Right? It just doesn’t make any sense at all to me.

Ever since the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, our citizens have been paranoid and crazy about the country that we live in. Why? Who knows? With the American tax-dollars being hugely spent on the war and other big-budget projects, don’t we ALL deserve something too as citizens? We should. Honestly, I am sure many of us out there work very hard for our hard-earned money. With the economy at an economic standstill and nearly 16 million Americans are jobless, what is to come next? We are entering a very horrible recession, yet alone…a very huge war that we are still battling out with Iraq. Oh please. Whatever happened to “world peace” people? Can we all please live in “peace” for once?

There really is no adequate reason to keep fighting….and fighting for a war we do not believe in. Many of these young soldiers are losing their lives each day and many of them have precious families back home who hope and pray they will come back alive. With other presidents from other countries meeting for “peace” talks, change, or whatever…there should be “world peace” as part of their agenda. C’mon now. Do we American people and the whole entire world have to wait forever for the “green light” to come on to actually have “world peace” at last? It is quite irritating to say the least because it seems like our world is just becoming “worse” with the current war we should not be fighting at all. So hopefully one of these days…and I mean very soon that “world peace” will peacefully happen. Let’s LOVE one another, not keep fighting and die for no apparent reason.

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